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Nepal Mega College

Mega Centre for Excellence

Nepal Mega College

It is a community of students and faculty from diverse backgrounds coming together with a common belief that learning is a lifelong process.


Nepal Mega College

Established in the year 2011, Nepal MEGA College is one of the renowned colleges in Kathmandu. It was founded by a highly experienced team of teachers in association with educationists and vibrant entrepreneurs. As its motto mega centre for excellence, the college has witnessed its outstanding academic performance scoring excellent results in board examinations and bagging unparalleled success in competitive examinations of medicine, engineering, paramedical and management courses. Due to its high standards, comprehensive facilities and reputation for excellence, the college has attracted students from all over the country.

Nepal Mega College is a leading comprehensive research-intensive Colle...

Why Nepal Mega College ?

Best track records

The placement model at Nepal Mega is a four stage process, involving the Pre-placement activities, Career Guidance, Executing Placement and Post-placement reviews.

High quality faculty and facilities

Nepal Mega has a rigorous selection process where only the best of faculty are selected. To keep themselves updated, faculty attend a host of professional development programs, different seminars and conferences, and learning activities.

Focus on employability and entrepreneurship

We, at Nepal Mega, develop critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills so that our students are enlightened and empowered.


Group-based pedagogy

The idea is to develop deep understating of the subjects amongst the students and they should be able to do various tasks as visualised in the curriculum.

Focus on overall development

The development of both cognitive and personal growth of the students is taken care at Nepal Mega. The students are provided with the opportunities to hone their interpersonal, social and professional skills through various initiatives.

Robust mentoring programme

Each student is assigned a mentor who guides and assists him in understanding the academic requirements and in coping with institutional demands.


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