EMIS Guidelines for Students:

  • Students must make sure that they are enrolled in the college EMIS portal. If not enrolled should contact the EMIS Unit as soon as possible.
  • If students forget the username and password students can contact the EMIS Unit.
  • Students must be active in EMIS as all the course materials, attendance and other stuffs are facilitated through EMIS.
  • If students find any subject not being assigned in their account they should immediately contact EMIS Unit.
  • Students should humbly request teacher to upload the course materials, attendance on EMIS on time if not found doing so.


Things to remember while creating an EMIS account:

  • Enrol in the system using the link, https://mega.emisnep.com/student-enrollment
  • While using the enrollment link, if you are 1st sem or 1st-year student make sure to select the new student option or else on the regular student. 
  • Please be careful while entering the batch as you cannot change that later
  • Every detail must match the student’s citizenship as the data of EMIS will be used for the certification process as well.
  • Students must change their default password after logging in for the first time.
  • Passport size photo must be uploaded while uploading the Profile Picture.
  • Students should upload their scanned previous certificates in the EMIS. Students must upload all the certificates including their UNG certificates of the previous semester to the EMIS platform.
  • Only the email address of Google (Gmail) should be entered into the system.



Contact Details of EMIS Unit:

IT admin: Arun Khanal

Email: arunkhanalstudy@gmail.com

Visiting time: 6 am to 9 am, Block A, Computer Lab.


You may download the beta version of the app following this link:


Select the particular app for your android operating system and install or Download all three and install the one which works.