Nepal Mega College

About Us

Established in the year 2011, Nepal MEGA College is one of the renowned colleges in Kathmandu. It was founded by a highly experienced team of teachers in association with educationists and vibrant entrepreneurs. As its motto mega centre for excellence, the college has witnessed its outstanding academic performance scoring excellent results in board examinations and bagging unparalleled success in competitive examinations of medicine, engineering, paramedical and management courses. Due to its high standards, comprehensive facilities and reputation for excellence, the college has attracted students from all over the country.

Nepal Mega College is a leading comprehensive research-intensive College known for inspiring and instilling the spirit of discovery, the ability to create ideas, problems, and a passion for improving the human condition— a college of choice where knowledge and human understanding converge. 

Nepal Mega College is a research-intensive College serving Kathmandu and beyond. Our mission is to explore, discover, create, and communicate knowledge while grooming individuals in leadership, innovation, critical thinking, and civic responsibility and inspiring a passion for learning. 

Core Values 
o Integrity and Respect
o Diligence and Excellence
o Inclusiveness and Diversity 

Value Proposition

  • We are guided by principles of ethics, treat others with deferential regard, and are civil in our interactions.
  • We work hard and tirelessly to pursue our goals and achieve outcomes of the highest quality. 
  • We honor the individual. We celebrate differences and use them to create unity. 
  • Nepal Mega College offers an accessible, affordable, high-quality education, relevant to an evolving technological, knowledge-driven world, in a research- intensive environment.