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Established in the year 2011, Nepal MEGA College is one of the renowned colleges in Kathmandu. It was founded by a highly experienced team of teachers in association with educationists and vibrant entrepreneurs. As its motto mega centre for excellence, the college has witnessed its outstanding academic performance scoring excellent results in board examinations and bagging unparalleled success in competitive examinations of medicine, engineering, paramedical and management courses. Due to its high standards, comprehensive facilities and reputation for excellence, the college has attracted students from all over the country.


Message From Management Team

Prof. Dr.

It is a matter of pleasure for us that Nepal Mega College has completed its seven academic years. Within a short span of time, the college has been established as a leading academic institution of higher learning accommodating more than two thousand students in various levels and streams. Satisfaction comes not merely from the completion of academic years but from the quality of performance in accordance with our mission. The remarkable success achieved by our students in different examinations and the positive response of our guardians makes us believe that we have been able to abide by our pledge. Mega is recognized for the high standard of teaching and learning. The College is proud to embrace the great achievements of our students not only in NEB and TU results, but also the success of our students in MBBS, BE and other competitive Examinations.

Though we are able to scale a certain height of success yet, we have miles to go to scale the summit. Maintaining the level of success achieved so far and striving for better are our major challenges. We ceaselessly try collectively as well as individually; to develop it into a mega center of academic excellence.

We are aware of the fact that the career success of today's youth has become highly competitive. Getting a career of choice in this age of cutthroat competitions requires some extra abilities besides curricular studies. To address them, we have also managed some additional supportive programs like project works and seminars, personality development programs, etc. I assure the parents and earnest students that Mega has been, and will always be committed to deliver what we promise. You are cordially welcome to the college.


Prof. Dr. Homnath Bhattarai


Mr. Gopal

On behalf of MEGA family, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to our guardians, faculty, students and well-wishers. It is your cooperation, hard work and guidance that have made the college a mega centre of academic excellence.

Nepal has undergone complete transformation. As a society heads towards a period of great structural reform, there are equally great and varied expectations and demands being placed on academic institutions that produce competent manpower to reform the society. Nepal MEGA College with its sincere efforts to address such challenges stands as a distinct academic institution. Nepal MEGA College believes in the power of ideas and in bringing them to life through collective consciousness. It has obtained the profound support of educationists, renowned personalities and the local community. Their creative suggestions and inspirations are guiding principles of the college.

The faculty and staff of the college take personal interest in each student's success. Working together, the faculty and students create and nurture a community that fosters mutual trust and respect. The dedicated academic staff of the college work hard to maintain quality education and strict discipline. The staff members assist students in their every need and create a homely environment in the college. In addition, they shoulder the responsibility for organizing social and cultural events for students. With the joint effort of diligent faculty, dedicated students and committed staff, Nepal MEGA College is now on the summit of academic excellence. I am looking forward to your generosity and cooperation in the days to come for the further enhancement of

Gopal Khanal
Executive Director

Mr. Dinesh

Nepal Mega College stands for its quality and excellence. The college has established itself as one of the high-profile academic institutions across the country within a short time-period. We are primarily concerned of the value based quality education for young people by involving them both in curricular and extracurricular activities.

We feel proud for its excellent results in higher secondary and bachelor levels. Our committed teaching faculties, staff and management team do their best to promote integral development of the students. We prepare them to be strong to face the challengers of 21st  century. We have innovative team to create supportive environment with required knowledge and experiences. If you want to share your dreams with us and become part of our family, we will take it as our responsibility to turn it into reality.

Dinesh Khanal
Academic Director

Mr. Madhukar

Dear Students/Guardians

Thank you very much for choosing Nepal Mega College as your academic institution in shaping your career. The vertex of success is never unreachable if we have clear vision and commitment to our objective. Only through the positive attitude, comprehensive study, and dedication of our assigned duty that we can reach our destination.

Since its establishment, Nepal Mega College has been continuously working in improving the professional attitude of students. We not only teach prescribed syllabus of university, but also attempt to tailor them to the comprehensive curriculum of their life/career. Therefore, the college aims to encourage students who can explore themselves. Moreover, we also focus on the culture of the students to develop their overall personality.

In a short span of time, Mega itself has proved that it is one of the best academic hives for the students. The college is gaining popularity among the students for various academic reasons. We provide career alternatives from the very beginning of the classes. Those, who wish to pursue their career in Public Service, Higher Education, and both Social and Business Entrepreneur, have been successful in fulfilling their wishes through conducting the required trainings of each category.

I would like to appreciate our distinct Meganians who have become successful as topping the whole university examinations; it is the sixth time that Meganians have accomplished such achievement, which corroborates our saying 'Mega Center for excellence'.

Finally, with the dedication of our faculty members, inquisitiveness of our students, and positive suggestions of our guardian, Mega will certainly reach the apex of academic success, though apparently, the summit seems to be formidable and beyond reach at the moment.


Thank you
Program Director

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