Graduate Programs

Program Overview

We have always been thinking to offer something unique that will change the perspective of business from the existing system itself. And now we are with MBS program and in addition to the academic program as prescribed by the course we seek to equip students with skills, techniques and understandings required for being a successful manager in the public and private sectors. In general, the course is designed for preparing efficient managers or encouraging entrepreneurial capabilities in students but Mega MBS has taken this the height of the next level, where students will excel to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Our proximity to some vibrant industries of Nepal gives us an important competitive edge locally. The program undoubtedly caters to those with prior business training as well as with different other professional background. Professionals in various areas such as engineering and medicine emphasize technical expertise in their undergraduate studies, but with the time upward  mobility demands knowledge of general management function that includes organizational structures, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, information systems and other emerging areas. The Mega MBS course complements technical knowledge with simulated managerial experiences and knowledge to make them effective managers in a dynamic organizational environment. The program in Mega is designed as a conversion course that aspires to make managers out of practitioners in different professional areas. We are dedicated to uplift teaching beyond theoretical concepts to practical knowledge based on case studies and real life experiences; hence, shared experiences by the diverse student body are in integral part of Mega program. The MBS may therefore act as terminal degree for those interested in careers in the corporate world, or as a preparatory course for the those aspiring to pursue doctorates for careers in research and teaching in business and management.

Teaching & Evaluation

The MBS program is based on student-centered learning approach. The general teaching methodology of the program includes interactive lectures, student's presentations, case studies and projects. As per TU MBs Curriculum, students have to maintain 80 percent attendance, failing which one is not allowed to appear in the semester - end examinations and regarded as "not qualified".

The in-semester (internal) evaluations shall generally have total weight of 40 percent in each course. The evaluations shall be based on students' performance in class presentations, case analysis, project assignments, class tests and others as required by the course. A student must secure a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 or grade B minus (B-) in internal assessment in each course in-order to be eligible to appear in the semester-end examination of the course.

The semester-end examinations on course work related subjects shall have a total weight of 60 percent. The semester-end examination shall be based on problem solving questions, analytical questions, and case studies or any other formats as demanded by the course. The duration of the examination shall be 3 hours for each course.


Teaching  Methodology

Teaching methodologies at Mega are modern and student-centered. Classroom, along with the seminar hall, are well equipped and well furnished for the implementation of these practices. The College exploits the latest teaching-learning techniques in the classrooms so as to equip our pupils with the skills that behoove them to practicalize the theorized knowledge in the phenomenal world. The following teaching methods and aids have been observed in Mega :

  • Presentations
  • Multimedia
  • Audiovisual facilities
  • Project works
  • Interactions
  • Fields visits


Job Placement Opportunity

Nepal Mega College's image in the realms of Management and Social Science Research has been distinct since it focuses on practical based quality education. The college has been marching ahead on the dogma that proper education helps the students generate job opportunities. Impressed with the ingenuity of our products each year, the vibrant corporate and non corporate organizations of our nation area eager to hire our students beforehand. In addition, our affiliations with different corporate houses have been beneficial for our competent students to be placed on those institutions after completion of their degrees.


Routinely Guest Lectures

Regular Guest Lectures by different professionals are organized to help our students be familiar with cutting edge ideas in diverse areas of knowledge. Guest Lectures present their scholarly and creative researches that further provide students the opportunity to explore more in the class room. Guest Lectures, we believe, is a practical and feasible solution to many of the unanswered questions in the classroom. Inviting guest lecturers into the classroom offers a great opportunity for students to learn other viewpoints within a discipline, and to hear about the most recently developed researches and practical applications.


Career Development Program (Interaction And Seminar)

We care our students. We want to excel in every field of their life. Thus, we help them provide career development programs. We organize interaction programs with experts and expose our students to the real world, Besides, the college has initiated classes beyond curricula like Public Service Commission, Entrepreneurship Skills Training etc. for job security beforehand which the students otherwise, would have missed if they had failed to join Mega.


Filed Visits

The college has established official link with different business houses, Commercial and Development Banks, NGOs and INGOs in and out of the Kathmandu Valley. The purpose is to enable students to train themselves in various organizations while still being at the college. Students also get chance to have internship in these organizations for further experience.


Personality Development

We offer Personality Development Program (PDP) for Bachelor Level students. This special course assists them to develop positive outlook and impressive personality, which are indispensable for the best career.


Tours & Excursions

Tours and excursions are the means of firsthand knowledge. The classrooms activities do not suffice, get compensated with knowledge of the real world through this means. To understand real situation, it ought to be explored. We have been trying to expose our students to the realities of the everyday world, organizing different National and International Excursions.



Mega offers value-based education that insists on real time scenarios and researches. Researches, if undertaken systematically, are creative projects to expand the horizon of knowledge on a topic assigned. They are carried out either to expand the past knowledge, to reaffirm it or for its rectification. Researches help people learn and bring about lasting change in their behaviors and habits. They make their agents self dependent and more autonomous in their projects. With this conviction, Mega subscribes to a set of universally accepted practices that enables students to carry out research of international standards.


Lesson Plans

Well planned teachers can deliver the contents of topic to students more effectively than the one unplanned. It helps to wrap up the course contents, within the given time frame, with revision. We strongly recommend our teachers and make sure to develop lesson plan. This develop self confidence in teachers' part and stimulates them to think in organized manner and on the students' part, they learn the contents with less effort going to the depth. When teachers understand the objectives properly, they can deliver the best.


Discipline & Punctuality

The two distinctive tenets that have made this college really 'Mega' are no doubt, discipline and punctuality. The earlier matters in students' learning attitude and the way they view everything beyond; and the latter affects their learning process. We don't thrash our students to make them disciplined. Instead, we counsel them so that they understand their importance in their career. It is for this reason, we deliberately have substituted the post's name 'Discipline In-Charge' with 'Counseling In-Charge'. The good result of the counseling is apparent in the highly satisfactory attendance record of the Meganians.


Consistent Evaluation

The college along with the guardians of the students inevitably, longs to know about the outcomes of the students on regular basis. We conduct various exams and test to evaluate the learning behavior and the capacity of the students. We have developed such mechanism where all the students naturally take part in their unit tests and terminal examinations. This makes them ready for Board Examinations inevitably.

Program Eligibility

Admission Procedure

  • TU Entrance examination is mandatory for enrollment
  • The office of the dean is responsible to undertake entrance exam to test the basic ability of the student to pursue the MBS program
  • Students are enrolled strictly on the basis of merit

Program Fee

For program fees please contact the College administration. 

Program Fee

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